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Luscious Lucy


High-quality, UV coated 100% recycled plastic Green Wall panels – Perfect for beautifying and privatizing the home or office. They can be adapted to fix onto most surfaces. Commonly used on fences, walls, patios, balconies, feature walls, entrance areas, sunless or cold surfaces and more. Each panel is 40cm wide x 60cm long, lightweight and easy to handle. Instant beauty is at your fingertips.

  • Provides an evergreen setting, bringing life and warmth 
  • Long-lasting Outdoors (UV Proof)
  • Dense, lifelike and adaptable for an uplifting appearance just about anywhere
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Premium Artificial Green Walls

A faux hedge panel that will certainly put a spring in your step, it not only offers refreshing greenery to brighten any setting, it also provides privacy to keep those snoopy neighbours at bay. The Evergreen Eco Wall Panels feature a beautiful combination of matched artificial leaves and plant types, which complement any indoor or outdoor space. Select what appeals to you from any of our 5 plant blends.

Use them for uplifting the home, the office or your retail space. They bring a more relaxed and positive vibe to your places and spaces. Bring in the green and feel the difference.

Another bonus – No normal garden-type maintenance is required! No trimming, no raking up a mess and no watering to keep them alive.

Yet another bonus – While it is super easy to install, we even offer an installation service in some locations. Each panel is lightweight and measures 60cm x 40cm, which makes installation easy and adaptable to most spaces. They are joined together easily with the cable zip ties supplied in each full carton of 20 panels. Easy to sculpt to shape and size by 
cutting the backing mesh to achieve the desired effect.

With EVERGREEN ECO WALLS at your place of work, rest or play , it will feel like spring, all year round!


Key Benefits of Your Artificial Vertical Garden:

  1. Easy to install (perfect for DIY) Or ask about our installation services– instructions available here
  2. High-quality UV engineered artificial hedge panels
  3. Highly durable and reusable in different areas (interior or exterior).
  4. Extremely dense and lifelike in appearance.
  5. Easy to cut to shape and manipulate to size.
  6. NO maintenance – no watering, trimming, or spraying required

Key Details of Your Artificial Vertical Garden:

  • Size: 60cm x 40cm  (5-10cm deep approximately)
  • Weight: Approximately 300-450 grams per panel
  • Usage: Outdoor (UV Resistant) or Indoor
  • Cleaning: Use water or artificial plant cleaner
  • Customizable: Yes – easily cut to size.
Single or Carton

Single, Carton (20 Panels)


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